THETAN ARENA x BINANCE at Blockchain Week 2022

Do you still remember before GameFi, playing video games was without valuable ownership and any applicable functions in the real world?

Then blockchain was introduced and changed the whole gaming landscape.
That was exactly the topic that Thetan Arena's CEO, Mr. Khánh, was sharing about at VietnamBlockchainExpoverse, along with:
- How technology changed the way we play games forever
- The creation of Thetan Arena
- How we plan to deliver entertaining experiences to the players.

The event was also participated by the representatives at the BinanceBlockchainWeek coming from other remarkable projects in the blockchain sector.
It is such a pleasant sight to witness the growth of the industry we are in right now.

The Thetan World is accessible to everybody, and you are more than welcome to join us as this journey is getting more exciting.

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